students in lounge
Photo of Caroline under the Rotunda in between white columns

Class Year: 2023

Major: Political and Social Thought

Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

Program: Legal Clinic 

1. What brought you to the Women's Center?

I was drawn to the Women's Center because of its focus on social justice, intern wellbeing, and giving undergraduates a chance to make a meaningful, hands-on impact in the broader Charlottesville community. I love that the Women's Center both challenges me to produce my best work and makes me feel welcomed and valued as an intern.

2. What is your favorite memory of UVA so far?

I got to study abroad this past summer in Spain with the UVA in Valencia program and I loved every second of it!

3. Who is a woman that inspires you?

My sister Annie inspires me because she lives every day with spunk and an imaginative, humorous, carefree attitude, while also working hard to achieve incredible things (like starting her own custom cake business in high school!). She reminds me that unapologetic authenticity and standing up for yourself are two of the most important superpowers a woman can bring to the table in any aspect of her life.

4. What is one thing you do after a stressful day?

I wrap myself up in a blanket and listen to my favorite music (right now it's anything by Mt. Joy)!

5. How does your work at the Women's Center motivate you?

My work at the Women's Center motivates me because it reminds me that no action is too small to make an impact when it's driven by an ambition for equity, inclusion, and advocating for social justice. Something like a phone call or email exchange with a client at the Free Legal Clinic that's just a few minutes out of my day has the potential to kickstart a process that changes their life for the better. 

6. What is a podcast/TV show/book, etc. that's grabbed your attention recently?

A few songs I've had on repeat recently are August by Flipturn, Younger Days by Mt. Joy, and Jersey Giant by Elle King.