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Survivor Support & Advocacy

The University of Virginia takes gender-based violence seriously and provides support and information to survivors, friends and families of survivors, and the University community.

We're here to help you when you need it.

We have free and flexible counseling services available for all UVA students, faculty, and staff. Get to know our counseling process and gain some information before scheduling your first session.

Beyond our counseling services, we also provide other support and information for survivors of sexual assault and other forms of gender-based violence. Visit the Confidential Advocates page of this site to learn more.

We're here to help you support a friend, colleague, or loved one that has been affected by gender-based violence.

It's hard to know what the right thing to do is when someone confides in you that they are a survivor of gender-based violence. We understand that and want to make sure you have the resources that can help you best offer support to your friend, loved one, or colleague that is affected by gender-based violence. Learn more about how to help a friend.

Want to become an ally to survivors of gender-based violence, but not sure where to start? Learn about our Survivor Support Network Training and join a cross-Grounds network designed to make visible the dedicated support for victims that exists at the University. Please check our calendar for information on the upcoming training sessions for students. Training sessions for faculty and staff will resume after our staff has had an opportunity to confer with our colleagues in the University's EOCR office and to revise the training to reflect changes to Title IX policy introduced for the fall of 2020. 

We work to change the culture on Grounds around gender-based violence.

Our undergraduate interns on the Gender Violence and Social Change team here at the Women's Center work closely with staff to facilitate important dialogues about sexual assault and gender-based violence through year-round programming. Check out our calendar and see what this team has coming up!

We aren't the only ones on Grounds working on this issue. Our staff works closely with the Office of the Dean of Students, Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights, the Office of Health Promotion & Well-being and student groups like CORE to provide support for broader initiatives and insight on what students need most.