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Student Spotlight: Logan Cunningham

Class Year: 2022

Major: Biology and English

Hometown: Richmond, VA

1.    What brought you to the Women's Center?

Student Spotlight: Anna Stein

Working with the Women's Center has allowed me to leave the UVA bubble and form meaningful connections with people both at UVA and in greater Charlottesville.

Student Spotlight: Emily Ma

The legal system suffers from so many flaws, including many that disproportionately impact low-income individuals. I'm motivated to contribute to an effort that makes legal aid more accessible.

Student Spotlight: Sadia Ahmadi

Each day I work with the brilliant women around me, I feel more secure in defining my womanhood and navigating the spaces that I am in.

Class of 2021

Fond farewells from an unstoppable cohort of interns and Bigs

Distinguished Alumnae Prompt Local Students to Share Aspirations and Admirations

Engaging local middle and high school students in thinking about their role models and goals is always a rewarding part of our Distinguished Alumna tradition.

Student Spotlight: Charlotte Yates

Getting to work with these attorneys has motivated me to go to law school so that one day I can be a resource to others in the same way.

Student Spotlight: Anna Cook

Working with MLP has made me really aware of the language I use and how that can perpetuate patriarchal ideals.

Student Spotlight: Raghda Labban

If we can teach even just one person how to create a more supportive environment for survivors of gender violence, that's a win.

Alumna Spotlight: Maddie Fleischmann

I honestly often think back to the internship and the skills I developed to ground myself and think beyond myself.