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Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Middle Schools We Partner WIth 

The Young Women Leaders Program serves students in the seventh and eighth grade at:

  • Buford Middle School
  • Burley Middle School
  • Sutherland Middle School
  • Jack Jouett Middle School

YWLP staff work closely with guidance counselors who identify students that would benefit the most from our mentoring program at each school.

Learning Leadership Through Service

Getting our Littles engaged in service is an important part of the YWLP curriculum. Our Big Sisters and Little Sisters work together give back to their community through programs like the YWLP food drive, middle school legacy projects, and appreciation dinners for the important role models in the little's lives. They even help to give back to their global community, providing support for our global sister sites through projects like a bake sale.

Connecting with Parents 

The expertise our YWLP faculty and staff bring to our program is not just shared with our Big Sisters. Through occasions such as the annual Fall Finale, YWLP faculty and staff connect directly with the parents of our Little Sisters to share the information being taught to the undergraduate student mentoring their child. Just as importantly, faculty guide the Bigs throughout the year in building good relationships with their Little's parents and encourage them toward positive communication at home.