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Global Connections

YWLP Global Connections

Connecting a global network of young women leaders.

YWLP Cameroon

The Young Women Leaders Program in Cameroon was founded by Curry Doctoral student, Caroline Berinyuy in the summer of 2009. The program serves as an international initiative geared toward engaging high school and middle-school aged girls. The need for a program such as YWLP in Cameroon was determined through the assessment of middle-and-high school girl dropout rates in comparison to the rates of their male counterparts. For middle-school aged girls in particular, dropout rates were especially high. YWLP Cameroon hopes to increase school retention rates and promote leadership skills in young girls. 

Big Sisters at UVA have the opportunity to get involved with our Cameroon sister site by applying for the YWLP Global Internship. The internship is unpaid but funding for transportation, food, lodging, and other travel fees is provided. The selected student works with Caroline Berinyuy (Curry Ph.D. 2012), founder of the YWLP Cameroon Sister Site, to learn about how YWLP is implemented there and to bring information about the lives of girls in Cameroon back to YWLP's participants at UVA.

Making the Global Local through Curriculum

YWLP has sister sites around the country and around the world in places such as Cameroon and Nicaragua. The YWLP curriculum engages our Little Sisters in learning about the experiences, both unique and similar, of girls in other parts of the world. Helping our Little Sisters connect with the lived experiences of girls around the world fosters empathy and awareness.