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Students enjoy their experience with YWLP so much, they often stay involved for multiple years! There are many different ways for students to stay involved with YWLP, beyond being a big.

Be an Intern


As an intern for YWLP, you will join the Women's Center team and work closely with the YWLP staff on the many communication, planning, and logistics items that make the program so successful for the Bigs and Littles.

Typical Activities

  • Work with YWLP staff on recruitment for incoming Bigs
  • Assist YWLP staff with day-to-day logistics of the program
  • Assist in planning of annual YWLP events

Time Commitment: 6 hours/week
Course: Front Lines of Social Change I & II

Be a Facilitator

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As a facilitator, you can use your experience to help the Bigs and Littles in your group to connect with each other and get the most out of their time together. You'll get additional training to effectively manage every part of the program from group dynamics to the curriculum itself. This opportunity is available only to women with previous experience as a YWLP Big Sister.

Applications to be a facilitator with YWLP are currently open!

Time Commitment: 6 hours/week
Course: Fostering Leadership in Girls and Women

Casscells Fellow

The Oleda D. Casscells Fellowship is an award given annually to an outstanding UVA graduate student who assists YWLP faculty and supports staff members who are responsible for managing the program.

Time Commitment: 15 hours/week