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When other suitable mental health resources can meet individuals' needs more quickly than we are able to, we provide referrals to providers both on and off Grounds. If you have trouble navigating these resources, or need help with search terms or understanding therapy options, please email or call us at 434-982-2252 and we will set up a care management consultation to talk you through the process.

Local Mental Health Provider Directories

Many therapists are now offering telehealth-based counseling. If you have trouble finding a therapist with openings in Charlottesville, you should search your insurance provider list and the Psychology Today provider list for therapists elsewhere in Virginia who are offering counseling via telehealth. Please note that your therapist is required by law to be licensed in the state where you are currently living while receiving treatment, regardless of their physical location.

UVA Mental Health Clinics 

The Women’s Center collaborates across Grounds with other clinics who provide counseling. These clinics provide mental health assistance to members of the Charlottesville community:

Charlottesville area Non-profit Community Mental Health Clinics:

Other Mental Health Support Options

In addition to counseling, there are many ways to support and foster good mental health. UVA has many resources well worth exploring, whether or not you are in counseling.

  • Silvercloud and other free apps for UVA students that teach ways to manage anxiety, depression and to address other concerns
  • Wahoo Well – online wellness survey with 1:1 confidential conversation that focuses on your strengths, goals, and motivation
  • HoosinRecovery - support for changing your relationship to alcohol and other substances
  • Contemplative Sciences Center – offers classes on wellness and stress management, resilience, mindfulness meditation, and yoga