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The regulatory landscape in which allegations of sexual misconduct at colleges and universities are handled went through a period of great change in the first half of this decade before settling into routines that, while controversial, were relatively clear. In 2017, another period of uncertainty began when US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos withdrew Title IX guidance issued during the Obama administration (commonly called "The Dear Colleague" letter) and issued new interim guidance. New Title IX regulations were then formally proposed on November 16, 2018. 

By: Leigh Ann Carver | January 04, 2019 | blog

Sketching out the premise of Perfect Peace’s plot gives nothing away: when the seventh child of Emma Jean and Gus Peace is born a boy, like the preceding six, Emma Jean refuses to give up her dream of having a daughter to raise. She tells her midwife, “This is my daughter […] I know what it is, but it’s gon’ be a girl. From now on.” And so Perfect Peace is born in May 1940’s Swamp Creek, Arkansas. 

By: Abby Palko | January 02, 2019 | Palko POV

"Eat healthier." "Get more organized." "Exercise more."

These may sound familiar as resolutions we have all made many times. And then…the change doesn’t last. Changing habits is hard work but it can be done. Here are some TIPS that can help you make your resolution and stick with it!

By: Counseling Staff | December 26, 2018 | Tips, counseling

Counseling services at the Women's Center will resume with normal business hours on Thursday, January 3, 2019. If you are need of support during the Winter Break, please see below for a list of resources:

If you are a UVA student and you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please call CAPS on-call line at 434-243-5150.

| December 21, 2018 | counseling

Name: Maddie Fleischmann

Year: Third

Major: Psychology and Sociology

Hometown: Atlanta, GA


1.    What brought you to the Women's Center?

| December 21, 2018 | women-girls-and-global-justice, interns

Alumna Sara Duke Grey Continues to Care & Advocate for Survivors

Name: Jasmin Li

Year: Second

Major: CS and ECON

Hometown: Fairfax, VA


1.    What brought you to the Women's Center?

| November 28, 2018 | Body Positive, interns

Name: Tomoya Nishira

Year: Exchange Student (BA of 20')

Major: Sociology (gender/ sexuality and global studies)

Hometown: Himeji City, Hyogo, Japan


1.    What brought you to the Women's Center?

| November 14, 2018 | mens-leadership-project

Name: Karishma Srikanth

Year: 2nd

Major: Prospective Global Public Health and Economics, with a minor in Social Entrepreneurship

Hometown: Clifton, VA


1. What brought you to the Women's Center?

| November 06, 2018 | women-girls-and-global-justice, interns

Name: Ariel Harris
Year: Third Year
Major: Double in WGS & political theory

1. What brought you to the Women's Center?
Outside of my major, their resources and safe space helped me a lot with the experiences I've had my first two years of college. It's a wonderful place!

2. If you could describe YWLP or MLP in 3 words, how would you describe it?
Rewarding, humbling, and fun

| November 01, 2018 | young-women-leaders-program