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Mentor a middle school kid through the Men’s Leadership Project or the Young Women Leaders Program in 2023-2024!

As a mentor with YWLP or MLP, you are part of a robust team that prioritizes supporting each other. Throughout the year, you’ll build relationships with professional staff members who care about your personal and professional development as well as a diverse community of peers and local kids and families. 

The deep knowledge and the professional skills that you will gain through this engaged scholarship experience will prepare you to be successful – not just in your workplace, but more importantly, within the existing social, political, and economic institutions and relations of today and tomorrow.


Apply for 2023-24

YWLP and MLP are both currently accepting applications. Apply now to finalize your fall schedule! 

March 1 application deadline for the following academic year. Additional applicants may be accepted in later spring or summer.

**Deadline extended until March 31 for YWLP and April 23 for MLP! Click below to learn more and apply 


Young Women Leaders Program:

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Men's Leadership Project: 

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