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Members of our Counseling & Wellness Services Team at the Women's Center offer support groups for UVA students in addition to sessions in which they see individual clients. They also share information about groups being offered by colleagues in other offices across Grounds.

Our Groups 

Please email Cathy Erickson if you are interested in participating one of these groups. Groups will be filled with interested students on a first come first served basis.

Wellness & Connection Group

Join this group for undergraduate UVA students seeking an opportunity to support and connect with each other in a more intentional way while sharing ideas for wellness. We will be doing some engagement activities early in the group to help participants get to know each other and themselves. Students will have an opportunity to share with other group members in a way that promotes healthy vulnerability without feeling overwhelmed.

Spring 2024: This group meets on Fridays at the Women’s Center and remains open for students to join by contacting Cathy Erickson

Support Group for Survivors of Sexual Assault 

Survivors of interpersonal violence who are students at UVA are invited to join this group, which offers survivors a time and space to talk with and support each other. Participants will not be sharing their stories but will discuss what is hard about being a survivor in college and what helps.

Spring 2024: This group meets at the Women’s Center on Fridays beginning in early February. Contact Cathy Erickson for information about joining. 

Other Groups on Grounds

CAPS offers many groups for UVA students including groups focused on:

  • support
  • skills development
  • spaces for connection, and
  • interpersonal process. 

Visit their website to find a group that fits your schedule and would be helpful for you. 

Other Ways to Engage

You might also find these other offerings at the Women’s Center to be helpful in supporting your wellbeing:

On this page you can find drop-in options at the center like Wellness Wednesday Giveaways, the Room to Breathe, and study spaces that are available any time we are open. There are special drop-in times, too, like Cultivating Calm with Creativity: A Weekly Drop-in for UVA Students and Staff on Thursdays, Noon-1 pm during Spring 2024. LEARN MORE

Our calendar also features events that are open to everyone in the UVA community and can be a great way to connect with others who share your interests!