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View our calendar to find scheduled sessions that you can join, or browse the list of current topics below to schedule a workshop or training for your office or organization. 

Some of our workshops that have been approved for FOAs in the past have that noted here. Other workshops on our list may be suitable for FOAs as well. Contact the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life for current FOA requirements or approval. 

Each semester, we offer several workshops and trainings that groups at UVA can request via this form. To allow for the process of finding a mutually suitable time, please place your group's request as early in the semester as you are able.


Fall 2023

Advocacy & Equity Workshops and Trainings

Identity + _________

Our identities shape how we view the world, how the world views us, and how we see ourselves and each other. This workshop focuses on understanding how our identities impact how we view the complexities of different aspects of our life. Different versions of this workshop are available that combine identity with another dimension of interest to your group. Prior offerings include Identity + Work, Identity + Relationships, Identity + Self-care, etc. 
  • for students or staff and faculty
  • 1 hour


Supporting a Friend

  • This FOA Program will cover how you can support a friend who has experienced sexual and gender-based harm. This workshop aims to build the skills needed to:  recognize signs of trauma; increase your knowledge of resources on and off grounds; and develop a self-care plan for you and your friend. 

  • for students or staff and faculty
  • 1 hour


Exec Excellence through Strengths

  • Elected to a CIO exec role? Looking for ways to make the most of your leadership term? Arm each of your organization's leaders with knowledge of their own and each other's strengths! You may have heard of CliftonStrengths as a tool that can help you learn and grow personally and professionally (and is available to you at the Career Center and other places on Grounds). But you might not know that CliftonStrengths is also a helpful tool for teams. We're here to help you use it to align all of your leadership team members' strengths to achieve your organization's goals. Gain appreciation of the unique contribution each member of your leadership team brings and what they need to do their best work for your organization. This training is available for student leaders who work closely together to attend as a group. 
  • for students 
  • 1.5 hours (can be adjusted depending on number of members on exec team)


Mental Health & Wellness Workshops and Trainings

Stress and Anxiety Management 

  • Learn about the ways that stress and anxiety impact college students and how to help reduce stress and feel more present and productive in school. 
  • for students or staff and faculty
  • 1 hour 


Do I Have OCD or Am I Just Particular?

  • Learn what differentiates OCD from anxiety and other personality-based behaviors, gain an understanding of the different forms of OCD, and learn strategies to help reduce unwanted thoughts and behaviors. 
  • for students or staff and faculty
  • 1 hour 


Trauma and Young Adults

  • This training provides an overview on how young adults respond to trauma, and how friends, family and university faculty and staff can be of support.
  • for students or staff and faculty
  • 1-2 hours


Grief after Loss

  • This workshop provides psychoeducation on common grief processing tasks, and offers a hands-on activity focused on making meaning of loss.
  • for students or staff and faculty
  • 2 hours


Motivational Interviewing and Listening Skills

We offer three options for Motivational Interviewing trainings that introduce the spirit and skills of motivational interviewing, a helpful approach to conversations about behavioral change. 


  • MI - Informed Effective Listening
  • For students or staff and faculty
  • 1 hour


  • Introduction to MI - Basic Skills
  • For graduate students or staff and faculty; for classes where MI is a part of the curriculum
  • 2 hours


  • Advanced Motivational Interviewing
  • For graduate students or staff and faculty; for classes where MI is a part of the curriculum
  • 4 hours


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