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Body Positivity Intern: Jessie Meyers

Name: Jessie Meyers
Year: Fourth, first year MPP Student
Major: Economics and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 

1.    Why did you join the Body Positive team?

I wanted to get involved with a space at the University that blended conversations of social justice with self-care and physical/mental health. That's specifically why I joined the Body Positive team. I thought it combined interesting ideas around self-love, identity, and structural inequities.

2.    What are some intersections of your identity and how does that relate to body positivity?

Being a woman has undoubtedly influenced my relationship with my body and physical appearance. I have constantly grappled with my weight, height, and appearance. With that being said, as a white woman with class privilege, there is disproportionate space granted to women that look, think, and act like me in media and within the body positive movement. I'm excited to see other voices included and uplifted within the body positive conversation.

3.    What projects and ideas are you excited about exploring with the team?

I love how close our team is and how much fun we have! I also appreciate that we aren't afraid to critique the work that we're involved in.

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