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When you’re looking for support for yourself or for someone you love, it can be challenging to know where to begin. This page is designed to make help you navigate through all of the support resources that are available both on Grounds and in Charlottesville. We hope that using the resource lists or the map of resources on this page will make it easier for UVA students, faculty and staff, and Charlottesville community members to get the support they need.

Members of our team are often asked about these kinds of resources, so we have included them here. These lists are not all-inclusive. They do not list all of the services provided by each organization, agency, or department.

If you have any questions about this guide or other resources, please contact our Care Manager on the Women’s Center counseling line at (434) 982-2252.

Resource Map

Use the map to find and navigate to a variety of resources available through local offices at UVA and in Charlottesville.

Resource Map Tips

Map Pin
 Click any pin on the map to view details for an individual office.
Map tools icon
Focus the map on specific types of resources with the tool icon in the upper left corner.
Key Icon
Use the key icon in the upper right corner to view the resources shown on the map in a list.
Search icon
Open the search tool to enter and find a specific office. 

Resource Lists

These lists include contact information for resources that are available from anywhere (web-based services, hotlines, chats, etc.) as well as the name, address, phone number and website of local offices that provide these types of resources.

Resource type    
Accessibility & Disability Empowerment  view print
BIPOC Mental Health & Wellness Resources view print
Food Access & Resources view print
Health Promotion & Wellness view print
Housing Access & Resources view print
IPV/Sexual Violence Prevention & Intervention view print
Legal & Administrative view print
LGBTQ+ Mental Health & Wellness Resources view print
Mental Health Promotion & Wellness view print
Nutrition, Body Image & Disordered Eating view print
Professional Development view print
Sexual & Reproductive Wellness view print
Substance Abuse Wellness & Prevention view print
Transportation & Safety view print
Veterans Services view print