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For much of the history of UVA, it was plausible to represent THE student with a single image. It’s time to (re)present what we mean when we say “UVA student” today. 

We’re calling on the UVA community to generate the images, notes, words and other creations that you see and hear as (re)presenting YOU. Bring your insights and your creative powers in whatever medium you choose, and help us discover what you love most about today’s UVA students. Together we will (re)present - and celebrate – who we are and how we work and play at UVA today. 

Send us your submission by February 19, 2021 at 11:59 pm EST, and plan to view and listen to those sent in by other students and alums in the spring. Ready to submit now? Use our (re)present submission guide to prepare, and complete our (re)present submission form to deliver your work to us by the deadline.

Submission categories include everything from poetry (spoken or written) and other forms of writing, to art that is digital, 2D, 3D, photography, or film. An accomplished panel of judges will select winners for several cash awards, and select work will be on prominent exhibit both virtually and “in real life” on Grounds.

Everyone who sends a completed submission by the deadline will receive (re)present merchandise to commemorate their participation in this collective (re)presentation of today’s UVA students. All participants will also be entered for a drawing to win special prizes that are sure to become lasting UVA memories that will stay with them for years to come. 


It's Time


1853 illustration of The Student

It comes as no great surprise that this once-iconic lad of jaunty stance, drawn in the 1850s, is incongruous with how students at UVA see themselves today. Much has changed, not only since David Henry Strother (under his pseudonym Porte Crayon) illustrated “The Student,” but since the not-so-long-ago days when his work resonated widely in the UVA community.

Who are UVA students today—not as they’re presented by others or seen from afar, but in the lives you lead every day at UVA? How would you reimagine and (re)present a UVA student of your time, right now? Who is the student that is you at UVA? Who is the student that you know, love, or admire at UVA? Now's the time for you to show up for and (re)present the UVA community you want others to see.

Here’s your chance to bring to light what connects us to this place and this community today. 

iris magazine covers

For more than 40 years, our signature publication, Iris, has reinvented itself several times over, from xeroxed zine to full-color glossy magazine to the current publication online.

Brought to You by the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women's Center


Here at the Women’s Center, we have been (re)presenting the images and stories of students over decades of changing needs and environments at UVA. Keeping pace with the times – and pushing the times to change faster – has always been part of our student support mission as well as the bold spirit of our dear namesake, Max, a 1951 alumna. 

We’re eager to see how you will (re)present the UVA students we’re proud to know and work with today.

Please stay tuned for further details and help us share this opportunity as we announce awards for winning entries, prize drawings for participants, and the panel of judges. Ongoing updates to this page will be made below and announcements will be broadcast through all of our communications channels. 

Contest Details


Submission Deadline

Entries must be received by February 19, 2021 at 11:59 pm EST.


Open to the whole UVA community - students, alumni, faculty and staff.


Creative luminaries from across the UVA community will bring their expertise across disciplines to select grand prize and submission category winners. Stay tuned for ongoing annoucements of judges through the February 19 submission deadline. 

Cash Awards

Winners in each submission category will receive cash awards: $500 for 1st place, $250 for 2nd place, $100 for 3rd place.

Prize Drawings

Each participant who submits a complete entry by the February 19 submission deadline will receive one entry into our prize drawing. Stay tuned for ongoing announcements of prizes through the February 19 submission deadline. 

Refer a Friend 

Earn extra entries into the prize drawings! Refer a friend and have them include your name in the space provided for referral information on the submission form. You will receive an additional prize drawing entry for each friend you refer who includes your name on their submission form by the February 19 submission deadline. 

Participant Appreciation

All participants will receive a participant appreciation packet including a (re)present t-shirt and other merchandise.


Online galleries will display many and varied entries across submission categories. On grounds exhibits will showcase select works in venues that suit each submission category. Stay tuned for exhibit announcements during the Spring 2021 semester. 

Compensation for Work Selected for Print Publication

Work submitted to (re)present will be considered for possible inclusion in a related publication. Compensation will be offered for selected work.


Submission Information

  1. Use our (re)present submission guide to prepare your submission.
  2. Complete our (re)present submission form to deliver your work to us by the submission deadline. Entries must be received by February 19, 2021 at 11:59 pm EST.

Submission Categories:

  • paintings, drawings, photos, collage, printmaking, mural proposals, or other 2D art 
  • sculpture, models, installations, or other 3D art 
  • film, animation, or other non-traditional digital art 
  • poetry, essay, fiction, non-fiction, or other written literature 



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