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Student Spotlight: Tara Moon

Class Year: 2023
Major: Youth & Social Innovation, Leadership & Public Policy
Hometown: Wayne, PA

1.    What brought you to the Women's Center?
Joining YWLP in September of 2020 brought me to the Women's Center. I wanted to do YWLP because I am passionate about education and thought I could benefit from real-life experience interacting with students, as well as wanted to challenge my empathy skills.

2.    How has a mentor impacted you?
An older girl in my acapella group acted as my mentor. She introduced me to different student groups across grounds and inspired me to get more involved. She also served as a source of comfort during my first few semesters, which were often confusing and overwhelming.

3.    Who is a woman that inspires you?
My mom inspires me. She started her own psychotherapy practice on her own and has changed many people's lives. I admire how she balanced being a mom and a professional woman. I aspire to be as resilient and caring as she is.

4.    How are you making a difference at the Women’s Center?
As a Facilitator, I help to cultivate a really fun, inspiring group of women every week at our meetings. I try to balance silliness and productivity, which has allowed me to both grow as a leader and a general human being. I take pride in the fact that each Big and Little genuinely looks forward to group and is allowed to be fully themselves.

5.    What is something you and your little have bonded over?
Last year, my Little and I bonded over our love for performance. We both loved to sing and act, and I liked showing her the many different ways she can get involved in the arts.

6.    What is one thing you do after a stressful day?
I love working out after a stressful day. Even though it is often hard to get myself to the gym, it feels great to let go and just think about the workout for an hour or two. Additionally, endorphins = happiness! :)

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