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Stock photo with retro design of social media screens

Over the last few semesters, I've had the pleasure of working with several bright-minded, creative, tech-savvy interns. You may have interacted with them in person as peers or friends, or, unbeknownst to you, through engaging with the Women's Center's social media. Although we primarily post on Instagram, our team members use various other social media platforms in their daily lives. I asked them about their favorite platforms so we can get to know the people behind the screen!

Mariah Hudson, '25:

TikTok, my current social media crush! From devouring episode 44 of "Who Did I Marry?" to discovering a 50-series Tubi documentary, TikTok is the vibrant hub where I feast on 10-minute culinary journeys, join shopping sprees, relish life moments, and dive into skits or heartwarming stories of healing. Unlike the comparison-fueled landscapes of Twitter and Instagram, TikTok embraces diversity and emotion. Here, I feel seen, authentic, and free to be myself—no facade, no comparisons, just a delightful kaleidoscope of engaging, comedic, and relaxed content that resonates with my soul.

Brianna Seekford, '25:

My favorite social media platform is Instagram. Instagram is my favorite because it is one place for all of the sectors of my life to be able to mesh together. Whether it is checking in on friends from high school or keeping up with the latest UVA sports final scores- it has everything I want to see. I like that there are so many options for posting because it makes it easy to do small life updates through a story or post about milestones on my feed. It is also an easy way to keep up with local and national news stories and feel updated with the world. Generally, I think it just helps me feel connected to all the different parts of my life that can feel a bit chaotic during college!

Shaveen Saadee, '25:

Personally, my favorite social media platform is TikTok! I think there’s a lot of opportunity to gain perspective on the issues and topics that matter most to young people, especially because the videos you see are curated to your specific interests! What I really enjoy about the platform is being able to connect with other individuals who share common interests, since there’s a “side” of TikTok that caters to any niche you can think of! For instance, if you’re someone who enjoys reading, like I do, you’ll likely come across the “side” of TikTok called “BookTok,” which has videos by creators who offer their own recommendations for specific book genres and their corresponding reviews/ratings of various books. You’ll often see people sharing their stories, funny videos, humorous trends, opinions, information on current events, etc. The platform is very versatile in this way, which is why it’s one of my favorites!

Ashley Luk, '24:

Pinterest is my favorite social media platform for its boundless capacity to ignite my creativity and fuel my aspirations. Unlike other platforms focused on status updates or fleeting moments, Pinterest offers a curated universe of inspiration tailored to my interests, from cooking to fashion to life goals. Its diverse array of content serves as a virtual playground where I can explore endless possibilities, whether I'm seeking new recipes to tantalize my taste buds, experimenting with fashion ensembles, or crafting mood boards that reflect my goals and dreams. Pinterest isn't just a social media app; it's a personalized oasis where I can escape, immerse myself in inspiration, and cultivate a vision for the life I want to lead.

Maddie Sherman, '24:

For me, it's definitely a toss up between Instagram and TikTok for my favorite platform. Instagram was really the first social media I got when I was younger and because of that I think it's set the standard for how I use and understand other social media. I'm such a sucker for all the different photo dump trends and I really appreciate how it keeps me connected with friends who I'm far from. TikTok, on the other hand, is where I go when I need a brain break. Everything is so unserious and I've accumulated the most random, eclectic bits of knowledge about such niche things from doom scrolling.