students in lounge
Ella standing in a green field kicking one leg back and looking at camera

Class Year: 2025

Major: Media Studies with a Policy and Ethics focus and English minor

Hometown: Suffolk, VA

Program: Iris

1. What brought you to the Women's Center?

I heard about the Iris internship through my friend Miriella who is now the editor for Iris.

2. What is your favorite memory of UVA so far?

Going to House shows with my friends/making connections with people I care about

3. Who is a woman that inspires you?

Lady Gaga inspires me because she's a unique performer who doesn't stick to binary standards of fashion and beauty

4. What is one thing you do after a stressful day?

Write in my journal, eat a nice meal, call my mom or a close friend

5. How does your work at the Women's Center motivate you?

I love writing so I'm motivated to share creative stories with others and advance my skills as a writer with a focus on social justice

6. What is a podcast/TV show/book, etc. that's grabbed your attention recently?

I love the Open House podcast because it has a focus on mental health that has helped me during stressful times.