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graphic reading A word from the Women's Center

As another fatal shooting impacts Charlottesville and UVA, the Women’s Center mourns the death of one of our community members and extends our condolences to his family and friends. The recent increase in gun violence in our area inflicts trauma on our entire community, and we encourage those affected by it to seek support. CAPS resources are available for students. FEAP resources are available for faculty and staff. Please take care of yourselves and each other as you are able.

In our culture, we often face violent events and coverage of them in the news. During these times, conversations at home, at work or school, and in the media can be a strain on those in the communities affected by past events as well as the current event. It is important to take care of yourself at times like this. 


  • Make plans that include self-care.
    Make a plan for yourself that includes time with supportive relationships, activities that promote your well-being, and rest.
  • Take a break, if possible.
    Be aware that ongoing news coverage, social media, and even conversation wtih family and friends can be taxing. Consider what opportunities you may have for breaks from these things and allow yourself those breaks if you can.
  • Take time to breathe deeply and use grounding strategies to stay present.  
    Notice what your senses are taking in. Notice the supportive sensation of your feet on the ground. Being able to stay present allows your body and brain to calm its stress response so that you can respond in a thoughtful way that does not worsen the brain’s trauma response.
  • Try to avoid unrelated stressors.
    This is not the time to discuss a conflict with a friend or colleague, break up with a partner, or make a substantial life change. Have compassion for what you are experiencing. It will help you to avoid judgment of yourself and others.
  • Allow yourself a range of emotions, but seek help if needed. 
    Every one of us has multiple responses in times of stressful news, emotionally, socially, and politically - and will continue to do so as we move forward. It is important, however, to seek help if your reaction is interfering with your ability to function in daily life. Seeking help is especially important if you are unable to sleep, are experiencing poor concentration, flashbacks, numbness, or high levels of tearfulness or emotional ups and downs.