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Beverly Cobble Rodriguez Lectureship

About the Beverly Cobble Rodriguez Lectureship

In 2014, Beverly Cobble Rodriguez and Joe V. Rodriguez, Jr. generously endowed the Beverly Cobble Rodriguez Lectureship Fund Supporting Women’s Education and Global Leadership to allow us to host an annual lecture on women’s education and global leadership with a special emphasis on healthcare, multi-national business, and the liberal arts.

2019 Beverly Cobble Rodriguez Lecturer

Pamela Sutton-Wallace (pictured above)
Pamela Sutton-Wallace joined UVA in 2014 after serving in leadership roles at Duke University Hospital. When it recognized her as one of its Top 25 Women Leaders, Modern Healthcare commended Pam’s leadership in clinical redesigns that resulted in patient care improvements, creation of a statewide pediatric network, and expansion of the hospital’s telemedicine services. She noted the importance of being able to “listen to a diversity of viewpoints and integrate them into new and innovative ways of doing things. I get to reflect on what the needs of women are and support future leaders. Leadership should not only reflect the community that it’s serving, it should also reflect the workforce that’s supporting it. I hope the next generation knows they bring value to the table, that they speak courageously and relentlessly and without apology.”

Past Lecturers for the Beverly Cobble Rodriguez Lectureship

2015     Jessica Posner Odede, Co-founder and COO of Shining Hope for Communities

2016     Gretchen Steidle, Founder and President of Global Grassroots

2017     Rachel Zaslow, Executive Director of Mother Health International

2018     Jensen Montambault (CLAS 1995), Executive Director, Science and Nature for People Partnership (SNAPP)