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Join a supportive community of women, meet dynamic middle school girls, and embark upon one of your most meaningful learning experiences at UVA!


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As a Big, you will be matched with a local 7th or 8th grade middle school girl for the academic year. 

You and your Little will join a group of other Big and Little Sisters at your Little's school one afternoon each week for YWLP fun activities and group discussions. A YWLP facilitator will be there to guide and support the group. Your group's facilitator will have a year or more of experience as a YWLP Big, so you'll be confident that you have a great resource right there with you each week.

You'll be enrolled in Issues Facing Adolescent Girls as part of your course schedule. This class will help you understand developmental challenges that your Little and other girls are facing so you can best support them. You and the other Bigs will be able to call upon the expertise of YWLP faculty to help you mentor your Littles through the ups and downs that middle school brings. 

You and your Little, along with other YWLP Big and Little Sisters will engage in community service efforts a few times a year in the local community. The Littles take a lot of pride in being able to help others and these projects are a great opportunity for them to build confidence talking with new people and promoting a local cause.

You will join all of YWLP's Big and Little Sisters for a special event on Grounds each semester. These celebrations and opportunities to explore future educational careers make YWLP a mentoring program like no other.

  • Time Commitment: 6-8 hours/week - view further info

  • Course: Issues Facing Adolescent Girls