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Speaking in Hues

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Interns on the Speaking in Hues team contribute to the podcast in a variety of on-air and behind-the-scenes roles. Listen and subscribe to Speaking in Hues any time wherever you get your podcasts.

Typical Activities for Interns on this Team

  • Conducting interviews
  • Research
  • Editing

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More about Speaking in Hues

Speaking in Hues brings you the stories of women who are trying to survive and thrive within the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, and beyond. Listen in for immersive narrative and guest interviews that reveal what it’s like to navigate predominantly white spaces, in search of learning, growth, connection, and joy.

Show notes: Links to further information about the people you meet and the topics they discuss on Speaking in Hues are available in the post about each episode on

Additional Opportunities

Know a woman of color at UVA that the Speaking in Hues team should interview? Thinking of a topic you'd love to hear covered in a future podcast episode? Please contact, Jaronda Miller-Bryant for more information.

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