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25th Anniversary of the Elizabeth Zintl Leadership Award

We, as a community, often focus narrowly on students when we speak of the presence of women at UVA. Doing so overlooks the enormous contributions of the women faculty and staff who have made our University a more welcoming and inclusive place.

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Joy, too

This is not the first time we have faced collective challenges and traumas. We can endure adversity and thrive again afterwards.
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Palko POV: Leadership

When I’m stretching for a way to explain a thought I’ve been grappling with, I turn to the middle school grammar lessons I led years ago, perched on the edge of the front table, first chalk then white board marker in hand.
A word from the Women's Center

Supporting Members of the Black Community

We are committed to making the University of Virginia a place where everyone is welcome.

Valleys that Nurture Growth

We reflect on the lessons we’ve learned from this year’s graduates, and hope they will similarly reflect on and absorb the lessons they learned from their time with us.

Palko POV: Rising Tide of Inequity

As Texas’ SB8 went into effect on September 1, 2021, Hurricane Ida continued to tear through the country, impacting both the Gulf region and the Northeast, and Western states and communities remained on high alert as they face record-setting wildfires.

The Ground She Walks On: Women’s History Month x UVA

Join us as we celebrate women’s history and (borrowing from the 2021 Presidential Proclamation), “pay tribute to the trailblazers from the recent and distant past for daring to envision a future for which no past pr

Verdicts Announced and Awaited

As the first of three verdicts in trials involving racial/racialized violence has just come out (Kyle Rittenhouse's trial today, with the Charlottesville trial of the Unite the Right organizers and the trial of the men who killed Ahmaud Arbery anticipated within the next few days), this is a moment to be especially attentive to community and sel

Palko POV: Telling Our Stories

We need to tell the stories that hold the greatest potential to transform UVA into a fully inclusive community and to fulfill our greatest aspirations. 

Crises in Haiti and Afghanistan

Crises of all kinds disproportionately impact the most vulnerable. And the well-being of women and children is tenuous at best in many places, especially where poverty is deepest. We at the Women’s Center are gravely concerned for those whose lives are threatened by the earthquake in Haiti and the political turmoil in Afghanistan.